How Did We Get to This Place?

  Dear Son: It feels like you started kindergarten about a year ago. Maybe two. Three years, tops. I remember a lot of things about that time in your life. I remember walking into your classroom with you on your “meet the teacher” night that first time, watching with pride as you greeted your teacher … Continue reading How Did We Get to This Place?

The Harsh Realities of AWLS

I have not openly discussed this previously, but I’ve been living with a chronic condition for the past several years.  It’s not life-threatening, thank goodness, but it is unfortunately something I’m doomed to live with for the rest of my life. I can largely thank genetics for this one, as I know many family members who … Continue reading The Harsh Realities of AWLS

I’m Going Away to Meet A Man This Weekend… But it’s Not What You Think

(Also posted on Huffington Post) I am going out of town this weekend to meet a man. A stranger. We have seen pictures of each other, but this will be our first face-to-face meeting. In just two more days, we will finally meet in person. Two days is not nearly enough time to prepare for … Continue reading I’m Going Away to Meet A Man This Weekend… But it’s Not What You Think

Rocks, Sand, Gravel and the Jar of Life

(Originally posted on LinkedIn) Back-to-school time always has me waxing philosophical, and this year is no different.  You know that story about the college professor with the jar of rocks, gravel, sand and water?   If you don’t know it, put your search engine to work; it’s worth a read.  I’ve read that story several times … Continue reading Rocks, Sand, Gravel and the Jar of Life

To New Beginnings (Breaking Up is Hard to Do)

Although I am confident that the decision to leave was the right one to make, I am nevertheless somewhat apprehensive about what the future will bring. I have seen others end similar relationships and then later come crawling back, groveling for yet another chance to make things work. That’s not going to be me this time; I firmly believe that severing these ties is what is best for me. It’s what is best for both of us, really.