(Fiction) Sharing the Pool

I entered the yeah write super challenge and had a blast writing this 999-word flash fiction piece for round one. My prompts were as follows: Emotion: Disapproval (a character must experience the emotion) Event: Swim in a pool Because there were no genre limitations, I enjoyed stretching my wings a little bit with a type of story … Continue reading (Fiction) Sharing the Pool

(Fiction) Clever Little Monkey

This one was my entry into round one, challenge one for the NYC Midnight 2016 Flash Fiction Challenge in July, 2016. Although it didn't earn me any points with the judges, I'm sharing it here to keep myself honest and to get all of these stories housed in one place. My prompts for this were: … Continue reading (Fiction) Clever Little Monkey

(Fiction) Mother’s Things

This was my entry into round 3 of the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge in April 2016. While it didn't win me any prizes, it was still fun to write. My prompts were as follows: Genre: Open Character: A hoarder Subject: Eavesdropping Mother's Things Synopsis: Pushed to the breaking point caring for her mother, Anna does … Continue reading (Fiction) Mother’s Things

(Fiction) Perchance to Dream

For this one, I was assigned the genre of "Romantic Comedy", I had to include "Open Marriage" as a subject that featured somehow prominently, and I had to include "A Sculptor" as a character. I had 72 hours to brainstorm, write, edit, re-write, re-edit, and submit my masterpiece but was limited to no more than 2,000 words. I came in at 1,999 words (whew!) when all was said and done.