Echoes of The Past (YeahWrite Microprose Challenge #360)

Alone in the abandoned house, Jen shivered. Before her, the past was forever stuck on replay. The woman’s screams were silenced first; the man then turned the gun on himself. “I’m sorry, love.” An acrid smell filled the room as they disappeared. Jen wept as the scene began again. Author's note: This was written for … Continue reading Echoes of The Past (YeahWrite Microprose Challenge #360)

(Fiction) Confession [Fiction War Summer Contest Entry]

  My dearest Beth, I’m not sleeping well… Just when I’m about to drift off, I catch a whiff of your shampoo and I’m jolted back to reality. It doesn’t matter how many times I wash our bedding. I found some sleeping pills in the bathroom, and I’m hoping they’ll help tonight. Have I taken … Continue reading (Fiction) Confession [Fiction War Summer Contest Entry]

(Fiction) Sharing the Pool

I entered the yeah write super challenge and had a blast writing this 999-word flash fiction piece for round one. My prompts were as follows: Emotion: Disapproval (a character must experience the emotion) Event: Swim in a pool Because there were no genre limitations, I enjoyed stretching my wings a little bit with a type of story … Continue reading (Fiction) Sharing the Pool