How Did We Get to This Place?

  Dear Son: It feels like you started kindergarten about a year ago. Maybe two. Three years, tops. I remember a lot of things about that time in your life. I remember walking into your classroom with you on your “meet the teacher” night that first time, watching with pride as you greeted your teacher … Continue reading How Did We Get to This Place?

(Fiction) Sharing the Pool

I entered the yeah write super challenge and had a blast writing this 999-word flash fiction piece for round one. My prompts were as follows: Emotion: Disapproval (a character must experience the emotion) Event: Swim in a pool Because there were no genre limitations, I enjoyed stretching my wings a little bit with a type of story … Continue reading (Fiction) Sharing the Pool

(Fiction) Mother’s Things

This was my entry into round 3 of the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge in April 2016. While it didn't win me any prizes, it was still fun to write. My prompts were as follows: Genre: Open Character: A hoarder Subject: Eavesdropping Mother's Things Synopsis: Pushed to the breaking point caring for her mother, Anna does … Continue reading (Fiction) Mother’s Things

(Fiction) Perchance to Dream

For this one, I was assigned the genre of "Romantic Comedy", I had to include "Open Marriage" as a subject that featured somehow prominently, and I had to include "A Sculptor" as a character. I had 72 hours to brainstorm, write, edit, re-write, re-edit, and submit my masterpiece but was limited to no more than 2,000 words. I came in at 1,999 words (whew!) when all was said and done.