Victim No More (YeahWrite Microprose #347)

As the light waned, her resolve grew. Trembling, she clutched her makeshift blade. She’d only get one chance. His flickering candle heralded his return. Unlocking the cell, he leered, then screamed as metal met flesh. She ran, victim no more.


35 thoughts on “Victim No More (YeahWrite Microprose #347)

  1. Herald works for me; it just fits that flickering candle. I like it. That’s what you get for leering jerkface. A couple of not needed words would have given you a couple more to punch with, but there’s a lot in this little piece.

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  2. Nice debut on the microprose grid! You used the prompt very well, and I agree that “heralded” works well with the flickering flame — like a breathy trumpet. I really like the resolution with the potential to extend the story off the page.

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  3. I hope she gets away!! This seems like the building blocks for a much longer piece. What is he doing with her? How did she make a blade? Where did she get metal to begin with? Love having all these questions, that means you drew me in for sure.

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  4. Nice job squeezing this much story into 40 words! I’d echo some of the other comments that the last three words could be respurposed since your title tells us what’s going to happen to her. Your first sentence gets us to root for her right away.

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